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How can I block someone and what happens when I do?
How can I block someone and what happens when I do?
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Block user is a feature that helps you restrict who can follow you, send you messages and like your tises. Tise is an open platform, so do keep in mind that users can still view your profile and ads on our website if they’re not logged in.

To block a user, go to their profile and click the three dots in the top right corner and tap "Block user". People aren't notified when you block them.

Like and follow

  • Users you have blocked cannot follow you and you can't follow them.

  • If you block another user you are currently following, you will no longer follow that user and will have to follow that account again if you decide to unblock that user.

  • If you've liked any of the other user's ads, they'll be removed. If you block another user you can no longer like their ads and they can no longer like yours.

  • Blocker users will not see your profile in the search results if they search for your profile.

Ads and lists

  • After you block another user, we will hide their ads from your feed, search results and from the explore page.

  • If they are a collaborator on any of your lists they'll be removed. You will also be removed as a collaborator on any of their lists.

Chat and notifications

  • Users you have blocked cannot send you a chat message and you can't send them a chat message. The chat thread will be available to both users, but neither can send a message.

  • Blocked users do not receive a notification or alert that they've been blocked, but do keep in mind that if the blocked user visits your profile they may realize they've been blocked although we do not state this explicitly. Tise is an open platform so if they log out they will still be able to see, though not like, your ads.

Transactions and reviews

  • You cannot block a user if you have an ongoing transaction with that user. If you are having issues with the transaction, please contact support.

  • If you've recently had a transaction with another user and you decide to block that user, they will still be able to leave you a review. This is because we don't want to allow a user to block another user to prevent them from leaving an honest review.

You can always unblock a user you've previously blocked. Access their profile from Settings > Blocked Users and tap "Unblock" at the top of their profile.

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