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Payment and shipping through Tise - Simply explained
Payment and shipping through Tise - Simply explained
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- At Tise, you never have to share your contact details to buy or sell with our integrated payment solution.

When you want to buy something

🔍 Use the search function or browse the discover categories to find second hand bargains.

💳 Register your payment card to be able to make a purchase.

🛒 Make a purchase with the buy button and select a desired delivery option.

📮 Receive the item.

When you want to sell something:

📸 Create a Tise by taking photos and filling in a matching description of your product.

🧾 Register your payment information to be able to receive money for your sales.

📦 Accept a purchase request and get your item delivered.

💵 Receive the money.

For your own peace of mind, make sure to check out our articles Safety on Tise to learn all the tips and tricks for keeping your information secure while using our service.

Happy tise’ing!

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