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What is seller protection and what does it cost? (Norway)
What is seller protection and what does it cost? (Norway)
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Tise charges a service fee on the transaction specified as seller protection. This fee goes to process the transaction, offer a secure payment solution and support in any complaints and fraud cases, and to further develop Tise as Norway's largest sustainable shopping universe.

As a seller, you pay only 3% of the agreed price for the seller protection.

Using the shipping and payment solution in Tise gives you the following benefits as a seller:

  • It's easier to sell. Buyers prefer this solution over prepayment, and you thus get more potential buyers.

  • You know the buyer is serious. The amount is automatically reserved on the buyer's payment card when the bid is placed.

  • You get seller protection. We take care of the amount until the trade is completed and help you if a problem arises.

  • It is easier to complete a sale and you also do not have to enter your payout information several times or share your personal information with the buyer.

  • The shipping provider covers loss, damage or delays in your delivery.
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  • You get everything in one place: bidding, payment, delivery and tracking of your delivery.

  • 10% cash back in Tise Cash.

  • Free shipping.

  • Priority support if something goes wrong.

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