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What is buyer protection? (Norway)
What is buyer protection? (Norway)
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Tise charges a service fee on the transaction specified as buyer protection. The amount you as a buyer pay in buyer protection goes to cover the costs associated with the payment solution, support and a refund if the item is not as described, as well as continuous improvements of the sustainable Tise universe.

We continuously develop and evaluate our solution, and you may experience changes in price and functionality from time to time.

Using the shipping and payment solution in Tise gives you the following benefits as a buyer:

  • It is easier to buy the product you want as sellers prefer this solution.

  • You are confident that the seller is serious. You do not have to pay in advance and the seller must send the item as agreed to receive payment.

  • You get buyer protection. We secure the payment until the item is received and help you if a problem arises.

  • It is easier to complete a purchase and you also do not have to enter your payment information several times or share your personal information with the seller.

  • The shipping provider covers loss, damage or delays in your delivery.

  • You get everything in one place: bidding, payment, delivery and tracking of your delivery.

  • 10% cash back in Tise Cash.

  • Affordable shipping.

  • Priority support if something goes wrong.

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