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My item does not sell - what can I do?
My item does not sell - what can I do?
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If you find that your product receives fewer impressions and less engagement than expected, there are several things you can do. Here are tips and tricks for increasing your sales and awareness of your ads and profile.

👀 Copy tiser in "Editor's Pick"

On the "Editor's Pick" list you can see which tisere we choose to highlight in the app and try to copy these ads yourself. If your Tise is on this list, many more will discover it.

💬 Tell others that you are on Tise

Link to your profile on social media such as Instagram or Facebook.
You can find your profile at*your username *.

👋 Find friends with Facebook

Do you have any Facebook friends you always go look to for fashion inspirations? Maybe they've already put clothes on Tise - and will give you a friend's prize.

To find your Facebook friends on Tise, press the "Find Friends" button in your profile.

💚 Follow fashionistas

At Tise you can like other people, as well as follow and chat with them.

When you like tisers and follow other tisers, there is a greater chance that more will look into your Tise-profile to see what you have posted.

🚀 Promote your Tise

Give your ads extra attention and increase the likelihood of a sale by promoting them. You can promote a Tise through the "promote" button inside your ad.

🤑 Consider a lower price

Price is the most important factor in getting your item sold. The item is likely to have a value of love for you, which is why you tend to price it higher than buyers are willing to pay. Therefore, consider setting a lower price to increase the chances of a sale.

Photo guide: Do's & Don'ts - Become a "supertiser"

DO: If you sell a garment you can have someone else take your picture when you wear it.

DON’T: Do not take pictures of the product with flash when it is dark.

DO: Take pictures of your product in a natural light.

Don't use blurry images or too many filters.

Don't sell more than one product in an ad.

Take pictures of your product in fine and creative environments.

Don't use collage. You can upload close-ups as your second or third pictures.

Use a clean and simple background for your photos.

Don't use collage. You can upload close-ups as your second or third pictures.

Don't crop the main image as this won't look so good.

Play and test new interesting angles when taking pictures - try to inspire!

Happy tise’ing!

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