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How do I upload documents to approve my payment information?
How do I upload documents to approve my payment information?
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Our Stripe payment provider that handles the information and payments is legally required to complete what is known as a KYC (Know Your Customer) survey for each user who signs up for the app, which includes completing the identity verification for the user of a Stripe account (account to receive payments).

If our payment provider Stripe cannot programmatically verify your identity, we may need additional documentation to verify your account.

If you are under 18 or do not have the necessary documents, you can register your account with a guardian (example: a parent).

If the information registered on you today is incomplete, you can register and change it here. You can also do this directly under "payout information" in the app settings.

Approved identity documents:
- Passport
- Driver license
- ID-card

Approved documents for home address:
- Statement from a financial institution (ex: bank statement with due dates)
- Power bill
- Letter issued from a government institution

Unacceptable document types
- Leases
- Certificate of attestation for the tool company
- Private insurance bill
- Phone / mobile bill

The documents must also meet the following requirements:
- The documents must be uploaded in full color (ie no black and white scans)
- The ID must not be edited, altered or destroyed
- The picture must be clear, with all edges included
- The image must be less than 10 MB in size
- The image must be less than 8000 pixels in dimension in all directions
- Documents can be uploaded in .png, .jpg and pdf-format (images and color scanning acceptable).
- The documents must be clear and large enough to read
- Photocopies of identity documents are not acceptable
- Documents must be valid and not expired (address document cannot be older than 6 months)

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