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Is my package insured? (Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark)
Is my package insured? (Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark)
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When using integrated shipping with Tise, the terms of the shipping providers also follow.

The shipping provider's responsibility for a package arises when the shipment is registered picked up / sent.

Documentation of the value of the goods is reflected in the bid the seller accepts with the buyer for the relevant advertisement that the seller has accepted with the buyer.

Tise cannot make compensation without a confirmation from the shipping provider and will start a compensation case as soon as the shipping provider has contacted Tise and confirmed the case.

In situations where a package is confirmed lost or damaged during shipment, the seller will receive the payout in accordance with the agreement associated with the bid and the buyer will be refunded the costs associated with the shipping and the payment for the item. The service fee for using the payment solution will not be compensated.

If the buyer / seller has reported a case to the shipping provider and they confirm the compensation case, the buyer / seller will be contacted by Tise.

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