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How do I register my address?
How do I register my address?
Updated over a week ago

If you have problems filling in the address through the integrated shipping and payment solution in the app, we want you to go through the following steps:

1. Fill in your street name and check that it is spelled correctly (this is a search box, and for your address to be found it is important that it matches with the search engine's register).

2. If you have entered the correct street name, but the correct address does not appear - fill in with , followed by your city (if the address still does not appear, it is likely that your address is not available for pick-ups).

3. Fill in the street number - here you have to press the correct number in the suggestions that come up under "select street number" (you cannot proceed if you do not press one of the suggestions above the keyboard).

4. When the street number is selected, the zip code and city will automatically appear. Here you have to check that this matches the correct address. As a customer, you are responsible for providing the correct address when bidding in Tise.

If you have followed these steps and still fail to get your address correctly, it is likely that your address is not available for pick-ups. The Tise-team work with this issue so all tisers can have the same options. Meanwhile, you can use external shipping and delivery options in agreement with the buyer.

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