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How can I buy and sell safely with Tise?
How can I buy and sell safely with Tise?
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A trade on Tise is a saving for the environment and the wallet. Not least, it's fun and easy at the same time. Since launching, Tise has become many people's favorite online buying and selling app, and today there are millions of products waiting for new owners.

Our highest priority is that everyone who uses Tise should have a good experience. Your safety and security are important to us, and although the vast majority of purchases and sales at Tise take place effortlessly, we have listed some precautions we encourage to use to increase the security of a trade.

Get to know the person you are dealing with
Whether you are buying or selling something, it is smart to become better acquainted with the one you are going to shop with. When the chemistry is good, confidence increases. Quality assurance of the information provided to you can often be verified through a Google search.

Get to know the product
Be sure to get good information about the product's condition and price. Ad images should be of the relevant product for sale, as images from product catalogs may be misleading. Also check out for similar items for sale. If an offer seems too good to be true then you may want to be skeptical.

Watch out for replica
Replica products are prohibited on Tise, and in many cases it is also illegal to sell them. Replica products undermine job opportunities and the social rights of those who work with the legal producers. Those who produce the replica products often also work in very poor conditions and the production itself is often regarded as harmful to the environment. Pay particular attention to expensive and well-known brands, and always ask for receipt or other documentation that the product is genuine.

Avoid transferring values ​​in advance
The safest way to act is when the buyer and seller meet face to face. However, digital second-hand purchases over the Internet often mean that the ones you trade with are located on different edges of the country/world. In such cases, it is naturally challenging to conduct a physical meeting. In both cases, it is recommended to complete the transaction with our integrated payment solution, which provides significantly increased security compared to other forms of payment.

Agree on shipping and shipping method
Shipping incurs extra costs. The choice of shipping method, who will cover the shipping and how to proceed in the event of a subsequent return of the product should be advantageously clarified in advance. In this way, you have a plan B if any problems arise during transport or upon receipt of the product. Complete the transaction with our integrated payment solution for your security.

Do not share personal financial information
Avoid providing financial information such as social security number, card number and other personal information with the seller when making a payment.

Know your rights
If you find that an item is not up to your expectations, you may first consider what you might have expected from the ad; through photos, price, description and other information received in advance.

For example, if you bought a sweater for 5 euros you have no reason to believe that the item you bought should appear as new. If the "item is sold as is" your case is weaker, but it is important that the description in the ad provided by the seller is correct. If the description says "this one is in excellent condition", you can expect just that.

If you have received an item that you feel differs from the item's ad description, you should contact the seller and try to resolve the situation. We recommend that you contact the Consumer Council in your country for further complaints.

When package is shipped - Who is in charge?
The responsibility for shipping an item is twofold. The package is considered "delivered" when the shipping company has registered the item, but it also requires that the seller can document the shipment and that the package is sent in a proper manner.

As a buyer, you can specify to the seller what kind of shipment that is desirable (ex: with tracking) and how you want the item wrapped. As a seller, you must always ensure that the item to be shipped is sent in a proper manner. Also, be sure to keep the receipt and any tracking number for the shipment.

We strongly recommend that you buy and sell with Tise using our integrated payment solution.

When you think you've been exposed to a scam
If you think you have been exposed to a scam, we want to help you. You can report the user directly in the app via the user's profile. Also include usernames of the other party and TiseID.

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