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How do I earn Tise Cash?
How do I earn Tise Cash?
Updated over a week ago

There are several ways to earn Tise Cash (tc):

😎 2 tc - Publish a tise
❀️ 2 tc - When someone likes your Tise
πŸ’ƒ 3 tc - When you get a follower
πŸ™Œ 5 tc - When you have sold something
πŸ‘‘20 tc When you get a Tise on Editor's Pick
πŸ’Œ100 tc When someone you invite creates a user

Exstra Tise Cash boost:

πŸ¦„ + 2 tc - Create a new Tise
🎰 + 10% tc - Get 10% of the sales price in Tise Cash when using Tise Payment
🌟 + 20 tc - Get a five star review after a completed sale paid via Tise

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