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Are you experiencing a technical problem?
Are you experiencing a technical problem?
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If you're experiencing any errors/bugs ๐Ÿ› or the app is not working as it should, check out the tips below to solve the most common problems:


- Go to the App Store or Google Play and check that you have the latest version of our app.
- Check if the same error occurs on an another network and try using mobile data instead; if you're using a VPN, switch it off and try again.


- Clear your browser data and cookies.
- Sometimes browser extensions can cause problems, so try using incognito mode to see if it helps.

We're always working hard to update Tise with the latest features and fix any errors. So If you've tried the tips above and you're still having problems, you can contact us using the contact form and select the following category "Bugs (App doesn't work as it should)", and we will help you get back on track! ๐ŸŒŸ

Please note that if you have payment issues, it's often due to incomplete payment card or bank information.

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