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General guidelines for using Tise
General guidelines for using Tise
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In order for Tise to provide you with a good and safe user experience, as well as maintain a good quality and logistics around the service, we have created some guidelines for using Tise, as well as regarding what can be advertised and the quality around it.

By using Tise, you agree to be bound by the “Tise Guidelines for Use” and the general terms of service. You are fully responsible for keeping up to date with any changes and updates thereof, and these policies are not a substitute for the Terms of Use.

Liability and copyright

Tise reserves the right to investigate all advertisements published, both during and after publication. Ads that are considered to violate the Service Policy may be modified or removed without notice.

Advertisers at Tise are fully responsible for the product, the content of the ad, and the delivery of the product according to the agreements entered into with the buyer.

It is not allowed to use other people's material, text or images on Tise without the explicit consent of the rights owner. In cases where individuals can be associated with the images, it is also important that the depicted persons have also given consent for further use. If you use other material protected by copyright, you may be liable for damages.

In the event of any technical errors, incorrect removal of advertisements or other defects related to the Service, Tise will not be held responsible for any losses that may be incurred by the user.

Ad content and placement

All items must have a relevant price. If an advertiser wants a bidding round for their product, this must be communicated in the ad and in dialogue with interested buyers to avoid misunderstandings.

The ads should be placed in a category that matches the item being posted.

Ads should have a relevant description that matches the product's features and appearance.

The ads must meet the requirements of the photo guide.

Post only one item per ad.

Use keywords / tags that are relevant to your ad description. Avoid keywords / tags that are not relevant to the product as this can result in a worse user experience for others.

Ads that are published must be the advertiser's property.

Avoid capitalization in the description of your ad beyond normal grammar use.

Text or images that may be considered offensive are not allowed.


In dialogue with users at Tise, everyone is encouraged to maintain a pleasant and objective tone and to the best of their ability to try to communicate in a neat and understandable way in order to avoid misunderstandings about a trade.

Communication should be in a language both understand well.

Avoid unnecessary discussions that are not related to the sales items or that can help create a bad climate.

Ads we do not allow

Here is an overview of products that are not allowed to be traded on Tise. This list is made from a combination of respect for laws and regulations, safety for animals and people, and to keep the marketplace tidy and free of unnecessary noise. Although this listing contains most of what is not desirable on Tise, Tise will still be able to remove any product that is considered irrelevant or undesirable if needed.

- Copies and replicas. Those who produce replica products often work in very poor conditions. The purchase of copy products also undermines job opportunities and social rights for those who work with the legal producers.

- Advertising, resale and mass sales of products and services
Including, but not limited to garage sales, flea markets, home stores, tupperware, import sales and resale.

- Animals (dog, cat, horse, fish, rodents, bird and more)

- Weapons (Firearms, Cutting Tools and Weapon Parts)
Objects that can be used to harm others or to hunt with are something we do not want traded on Tise. The exception is if it is to be used in industry, sports, household or for decoration.

- Food, beverages, supplements and more
These are products that in most cases are not suitable to sell after the seal is broken. The products also have date limitations in terms of durability and it is also difficult to control the contents of the products.

- Offensive ads
Ads that may be offensive or inappropriate are prohibited on Tise. Including, but not limited to: sale of pornography and erotic toys

- Sale of used makeup / wellness products (broken packaging)

- Medicines

- Alcohol and nicotine (including e-smoke)

- Competitions and Giveaways

- Currency trading

- Exercise program and dietary advice

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