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How does the menstrual cups work?
How does the menstrual cups work?
Updated over a week ago

A menstrual cup is an alternative to other menstrual products. The popularity has exploded the last years, and we can truly see why! A product that both is better for your body (for most women at least, this is of course independent), better for the planet and better for your wallet - what's not to like?

We offer a couple of different brands to ensure that all women can find something they like. Each brand has its own guidelines for sizes, use and fits, but common for them all are that they are cups made of medical silicone that you put inside your vagina that holds you safe for up to 12 hours. No smell, no dryness from tampons, no garbage. You can read more about the specific models we offer here (the page is in Norwegian): Tise Basics Menstrual Cups

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