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Can I return my Tise Basics order?
Can I return my Tise Basics order?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you are welcome to return your order if you regret buying it! We live by having happy customers and want each and every order to end in a good experience and a product that is being used.

However, we strongly encourage you to consider your choice of buying something in advance, in stead of just buying without a second thought and then returning it, in order to minimize unnecessary shipping emissions. Even though we climate compensate through CHOOOSE, the best is of course to avoid emissions when possible.

But of course, if you want to return something we are happy to help you. You have to pay for the shipping of the return yourself, unless of course there is something wrong with your order that is our fault. You can order a pick up of your return here, and please ensure that the products you return are in good shape and in the original undamaged packaging to get a full refund.

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