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Frequently asked questions - dao
Frequently asked questions - dao
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In this article you will find the frequently asked questions regarding sending and receiving parcels with dao when using our integrated payment solution.


Do I have to write the name and address of the recipient on the parcel?
No, you only have to write the 9-digit shipping code on the parcel (xxx-xxx-xxx) that you receive in the chat after the bid has been approved.

How should the parcel be packed?
The parcel must be securely packed according to the content, so the package can withstand transport and handling at the terminal.

Can I add stamps or buy postage with dao?
Only the specified shipping code given in the chat applies to this service.

How do I send the package?
The package must be delivered to your preferred daoSHOP. You can find your nearest daoSHOP here.

Can the parcel be picked up at my address?
No, the parcel can only be handed in at a daoSHOP.

How long does it take for the parcel to arrive?
The parcel will have an expected delivery time of 2-4 days after being handed in at a daoSHOP.

What are the size dimensions of a parcel?
The parcel must be within the dimensions of 60x35x35 and cannot weigh more than 5 kilos.


How do I collect my parcel?
When the parcel has been delivered to your chosen daoSHOP a notification will be sent to your registered email address and/or telephone number with a 4-digit parcel code that you must provide when you collect your parcel.

How long do I have to collect the parcel?
You have 7 working days to collect the parcel from the time it arrives at the daoSHOP. The last possible collection day will also be stated in the e-mail and/or SMS that you receive, as well as in the chat with the seller.

What happens if I forget to pick up the package?
As a buyer, you accept that if you do not collect the item at the selected collection point within the time frame, the package will be returned to a dao terminal and the seller will receive payment for the sale.

What do I do if the parcel has been damaged during transport or lost?
In both of these cases, you must contact dao within 5 days of delivery and they will help you with your case. Tise cannot provide compensation until we have a written confirmation from dao.

How can I track my parcel?
You can track your parcel here by entering either your 20-digits tracking number or the 9-digit shipping code.

Can someone else pick up the parcel?
Yes. They must provide the 20-digit tracking number and the 4-digit parcel code that you have received.

What if I would like to cancel the bid?
A bid is automatically canceled if the package is not registered as delivered to a daoSHOP after 7 days.

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