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Frequently asked questions - Posten (Norgespakke 0-5 kg)
Frequently asked questions - Posten (Norgespakke 0-5 kg)
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Here your will find the most frequently asked questions and the answers related to Norway package 0-5kg where Posten is chosen as the shipping supplier. If you have questions related to a shipment, this is directed directly to Posten's customer service.

I have been notified that the package has been picked from my mailbox, but when I use the tracking number, it does not say that it has been picked up?

Tracking is only updated when the shipment has been processed at Posten's terminal. This means that your package could have been picked up by Posten even if confirmation in the app is not available. Contact our support if the package is still not registered 3 days after the package was picked up.

What should I do if the tracking of the package is not updated even after 3 days?

If there is a delay, after 4-5 days you will receive a notification in the app asking if you have sent the package and if you confirm the shipment, the deadline for cancellation will be extended, and the buyer will then be informed of a new deadline.

Do I receive a receipt for delivery if I deliver to Posten?

You will receive an SMS confirming the submission when it has arrived at the terminal. When the package is registered at the terminal, the sender will receive a confirmation in the app that the package has been registered delivered. It can take up to 3 days from the time a package is delivered to Posten, for it to be registered as delivered in the app.

What happens if I forgot to write the code on the shipment?

If the package has been picked up by the postman or received over the counter, Posten will search for the item. Are there any special features on the package? Contact Posten's customer service.

Can I put on stamps or buy postage at Posten?

No, only the code issued to the sender applies to this service.

Do I have to enter the recipient's telephone number?

When using Tise's payment solution, Posten will automatically receive information about the sender and recipient. Make sure you are registered with the correct telephone number when using the service so that you are sure to receive information about sending and delivery.

The maximum dimensions are 35 x 25 x 12 cm - what do I do when my mailbox is too small to send from?

If your package exceeds the maximum dimensions, you can let the shipping deadline expire and not send the package, so you avoid extra costs for the shipment.

I have sent a Norgespakke 0-5 kg ​​and have received an invoice. What is the reason for that?

If the maximum dimensions are exceeded and the package is delivered to Posten, the shipment will still be completed, but in accordance with Posten's terms and conditions for shipments, you will be invoiced for the difference, plus handling costs.

Many parcel boxes have been set up all around; can I use these for sending and receiving packages?

Not today. Shipments with Posten via Tise are valid from your own mailbox or delivery to your nearest postal shop.

I have sent a Norgespakke 0-5 kg ​​and the shipment has not arrived. I wrote the address of the recipient on the package instead of the code.

Posten needs the code to register the package through its systems. If you are a recipient of a package that lacks a delivery confirmation, you can contact our customer service for help with manual delivery.

How long is the delivery time for shipments?

Delivery time is 2-4 working days, but on some routes 5 days.

What do I do when I have to cancel the shipment?

The bids are locked to the sending codes and will be canceled automatically if the packages have not been registered picked up / sent by the shipping supplier within the deadline.

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