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How does payment through Tise in Denmark work for you as a buyer?
How does payment through Tise in Denmark work for you as a buyer?
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Tise offers a flexible and secure payment and shipping solution. Tise makes second hand shopping as easy, safe and efficient as shopping in the traditional online stores. You get the best of both worlds - a smooth and sustainable shopping experience, whether you buy or sell in Tise. In other words, when Tise is used, you are in safe hands, both as a buyer and as a seller.

🤝 Once you have placed a bid on an item, the amount will automatically be reserved on the buyer's payment card. A bid is valid for 7 days and can be withdrawn until the seller has accepted the bid.

📦 When the bid is accepted, the amount is deducted from the buyer's payment card, and the payment is then locked for both parties. The seller then receives a code to use for shipping. The code is valid for 7 days. The seller then prepares the package for collection from the pickup point selected in the service.

💸 Once the item has been picked up by the buyer at the pickup point, the buyer has 24 hours to report any problems with the item in the service. After this time, the item is automatically marked as approved.

🔔 If there is a problem with a bid or delivery, you will find more information about the process here.

Why use payment through Tise as a buyer, and what does it cost?

As a buyer, you will be covered by our buyer protection, which gives you prioritized support and money back if the item is not as described. In addition, you get the most flexible second-hand shopping experience on the market, all the way from the moment you place a bid in the bidding function until the moment you have picked up the item from a dao Pakkeshop and accepted it in the chat.

As a buyer you pay a minimum of 37 DKK for the shipping and additional 3.50 DKK + 3.5 % of the item´s price for the buyer protection. For example, if you buy an item for 150 DKK, you pay 46 DKK to use the payment solution, which includes safe and smooth payment and delivery to the dao Pakkeshop.

Buyer protection covers the costs of using the payment solution, customer service and refunding of the payment if the product did not meet the product description. It also enables the continuous development of the sustainable Tise universe.

Shipping price may differ from the price stated above during e.g. campaign periods, discounts etc.

Using our shipping and payment solution also gives you the following benefits as a buyer:

  • You can be sure of the seller’s reliability. You do not have to pay anything in advance. In order to receive the payment, the seller must ship the item as agreed.

  • We will not transfer your payment to the seller before you have marked the product as received and accepted.

  • If something unexpected happens, the item is damaged, lost or not as described, you can get your money back. In cases like this we offer prioritized support to our users.

  • dao is liable for loss, damage and delay of the delivery. Click here to read more about the terms of dao.

  • In addition to insurance from dao, we at Tise will give you your money back if the item is not as described, and you are guaranteed a prioritized support for fast complaint processing.

  • It is easier to complete a purchase - you can use the bid button in the ad and avoid all the unnecessary back-and-forth communication between buyer and seller. Also, you do not have to enter the payment information several times or share your personal information with the seller.

  • You can get the item delivered to a dao shop (dao Pakkeshop) - and track it along the way.

  • The transaction goes through Tise easily and seamlessly.

  • You get it all in one place: Bidding, payment, delivery and tracking of your delivery.

  • 10% cashback in Tise Cash.

  • Affordable shipping.

It is important to note that you must not use other payment services in addition to payment through Tise.

Also see the terms of our payment and shipping solution before you use the service.

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