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When will I receive my money?
When will I receive my money?
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From the time a package is sent, it usually takes 1-5 working days for the amount to reach your account, and faster for further sales.

If you miss a payment, you can check whether your payout information has been approved.

You should be able to see information about the expected payout date in your settings. If the estimated date for payment falls on a public holiday, the payment will be paid on the next working day. In cases where several sales have been completed in the same period, this could be paid out as one payment.

The date shown in the app is the last updated date we get from our payment provider, but we see cases where the bank date may differ from the date shown in Tise. Usually, the date does not differ by more than one day or two.

Transfers from us are marked "Saxo Payments A / S", "TISE ****** (ad code)", "STRIPE", "STRIPE TRANSFER", "Banking Circle Denmark" or "The Currency Cloud Ltd".

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