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If something unexpected happens (Norway)
If something unexpected happens (Norway)
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Also read the terms of use for payments through Tise.


Bids have a duration of 7 days and can be withdrawn by the buyer until the seller has accepted the bid. However, the seller can not withdraw a counter-bid.

When a bid is placed, it is examined whether there is coverage on the buyer's payment card, and the amount is then reserved. The available amount will be adjusted downwards, while the balance will remain unchanged.

If the seller rejects the bid, the bid expires on time or the buyer withdraws the bid, the reserved amount will be released.

Reservations usually disappear on the same day, and usually within 7 days. If you have an amount that should have been refunded, you must contact your bank if the amount is not available within a week.

Pickup and shipment

A bid is locked to the original pickup code received in the app. If a package for various reasons is not registered as picked up within 7 days from the planned shipping date using Helthjem, or registered as sent within 11 days using Posten, the bid will be automatically canceled.

When you use payment through Tise with integrated shipping, you are responsible for the item not exceeding the maximum external dimensions presented in the app.

In the event of challenges related to the collection, shipment or delivery of the package, the seller / buyer is always obliged to first contact the shipping provider to investigate the situation. Information received in contact with the shipping supplier must be sent to Tise upon request.

- Contact Helthjem
- Contact Posten

The delivery

The packages are delivered to the address registered at the time the bid is accepted. In situations where the packages cannot be delivered to the recipient's home address, the packages will be delivered to a delivery point where the recipient will be notified by SMS and / or e-mail.

If a parcel is not collected within the collection deadline specified by the shipping company, the package will be returned to the seller and the payout to the seller will take place.

Once a package has been confirmed delivered, the buyer has 24 hours to report any problems in the chat. After this, the item is automatically marked as approved. The buyer / seller is always committed to follow the instructions given in the chat.

If the seller / buyer can not document the shipment, refer to contact with the shipping company or does not respond to inquiries from Tise within 72 hours from when they were given, this is considered a breach of the user agreement and the payment may be released to the other party.

If a problem has been reported after delivery

In situations where a problem with a delivery has been reported, the buyer and seller will be contacted by Tise at their registered e-mail address for further proceedings if the situation cannot be resolved in direct dialogue between the parties.

Depending on the reason reported by the buyer, the seller can usually expect to be contacted by Tise within a week.

If the buyer is dissatisfied with the item and thinks it is not as expected from the seller's descriptions, this must be documented. If the buyer can document that the item deviates significantly from the description, the buyer has the opportunity to cancel the purchase. However, the buyer cannot promote such claims after the item has been marked as received/approved.

Agreement on the return of the product and the type of shipping to be used is agreed between the buyer and seller. Once the buyer has documented the return shipment and the seller can confirm the agreement, the amount for the product will be refunded to the buyer in accordance with the user agreement. The same documentation requirements apply to buyers on return as to sellers on original shipment.

If it appears that the goods have been damaged during the shipment, the responsible shipping company should be contacted. In this situation, it is important that the seller can refer to documentation regarding the shipping and damages that have occurred.

In the event of any compensation related to an agreement between the parties or compensation reported by the shipping provider, the service fee for use of the service will not be compensated.

If the buyer, seller or shipping company does not agree on the situation and / or that Tise cannot settle the matter on the basis of the submitted documentation, the buyer must take the matter to the appropriate authority (ex: Forbrukerrådet) for further proceedings. A result based on a complaint case will affect how we handle the case.

By using Tise's payment solution with integrated shipping, you also accept the shipping supplier's terms for shipping:

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