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How are the packages picked up with Helthjem?
How are the packages picked up with Helthjem?
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Helthjem collects parcels on doormats to properties where Helthjem have access. The exception is housing units where a common box has been set up for collection and delivery.

Houses that have their own mailbox, have a collection point in the mailbox, and if a package is placed on the doormat, we cannot guarantee that it will be picked up.

The routines for the distribution that picks up packages are strict and if collection is set up in the mailbox, it is only where they will pick up.

Also make sure that the maximum external dimensions of an item do not exceed 35 x 25 x 12 cm and do not weigh more than 5 kg.

In situations where it is not possible to use the payment solution on Tise, the parties must agree on the desired shipping solution and payment via the chat.

If you have questions related to pickup and delivery at your address, you can direct these to Helthjem.

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