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Common signs of fraud
Common signs of fraud
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The vast majority of people at Tise behave well, but there may be a few who try to ruin for others.

We have systems and routines that work to find users who have bad intentions, and we work continuously to strengthen these tools in order to provide a good and safe service for our users. Although this is effective, it is never a 100% guarantee that you will never meet someone who is not completely honest. Therefore, we have put together some tips on what to be aware of when buying and selling online.

They do not want to use payment with Tise.
It does not necessarily mean that the user wants to commit fraud if they ask to make the payment through another channel. However, we always recommend using our integrated payment solution as much as possible. This is so that we can assist if something unforeseen were to happen.

They want to move the conversation outside of Tise
If someone early on asks to move the conversation to another channel outside of Tise (Messenger, WhatsApp or SMS, etc.), it is a red flag. There is no reason why the agreement can not be made through the Tise chat and is often a way to avoid our security checks.

Sudden payments from foreign banks/PayPal
The scammer says they have paid and is forcing you to ship the item as soon as possible. Sometimes they also send you a false receipt of the payment.

If you suddenly receive a message saying that they have sent you money for an item without that being confirmed by you or your bank, this is a red flag. We then recommend that you wait with sending the item until payment has been received.

They ask you to click on a link
We recommend never clicking on a link received from another user. This is often an attempt at "phishing”, which is where the user finds various ways to retrieve sensitive information, such as credit card information.

If you think you have been the victim of fraud, or if you find something strange on Tise that you want us to investigate further, please contact us through this contact form. If it is regarding a specific user, you can report the relevant user in the app.

Feel free to read here for more tips on how to buy and sell safely on Tise.

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