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How do I promote my ad?
How do I promote my ad?
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You can promote a Tise by clicking the "Promote" button inside your ad. You can also see if your ad is being promoted and how long it has been promoted.

Give your ads extra attention and increase the chance of a sale by using the following options:

Top of the category
The ad rotates to be at the top of the search results in the category where it is posted.

Paid placement
Get your ad promoted in the feed to people who have shown interest in similar things.

Top of the list
Get your ad promoted at the top of the search result and in the "recent" tab.

If you want to see how many impressions your ad has received, you can click on your ad through your profile. Promoted ads are shown a limited number of times to each user and you can't see your own ads as promoted impressions.

If your product experiences fewer impressions and less engagement than expected, we recommend that you check out our photo guide for tips and input on how to take the best possible photos of what you sell. Following these tips can increase the awareness of your product.

Tip: As a Tise Member, you get a number of "Top of List" and "Paid Placements" included each month. The costs associated with the promotion of ads are presented in the app based on the desired promotion choice and duration.

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