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How do I promote my ad?
How do I promote my ad?
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You can boost the visibility of your Tise listing by pressing the "Promote" button within your ad. Here, you can also track if your ad is being promoted and the remaining duration of the active promotion πŸš€

Give your listings extra attention and increase the likelihood of a sale by utilizing the following options 🌱

​Top in category

  • Your ad rotates to appear at the very top of search results in the category where it's listed ✨

Paid placement

  • Promote your ad in the feeds of users who have shown interest in similar items 🎯

Top of the list

  • Place your ad at the top of search results and the "recent" tab πŸ”

Want to see how popular your ad is?

Click through your profile. Promoted ads have a limited display to each user, and you cannot view your own ads as promoted views πŸ’š

If you notice your product getting fewer views and less engagement than expected, check out our photo guide for tips on taking the best pictures of what you're selling. Following these tips can increase attention to your product.

Tip πŸ’‘

As a Tise Member, you receive a certain number of "Top of the List" and "Paid Placements" each month. Costs associated with promoting ads are presented in the app based on your chosen promotion options and duration

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