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What are the guidelines for a company profile on Tise?
What are the guidelines for a company profile on Tise?
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These are the guidelines that you need to comply with as a business on Tise. The guidelines apply to all Tise users, and are effective from June 15, 2023:

  • Tise is a second hand app for buying and selling used items. If not agreed otherwise, only used items shall be sold through a business profile on Tise. Businesses in the wearables and textile industry that are not vintage or second hand businesses, cannot have a profile on Tise unless it goes through [email protected].

  • All items that are published shall be sold through Tise. It is prohibited to refer to other sales and social platforms on your profile. This is for the safety of our users. Tise shall not be used as a marketing channel, unless otherwise agreed with [email protected].

  • Businesses with profiles on Tise shall, as long as it is possible, use the integrated payment and shipping solution to execute sales, either with shipping or with in-store pick-up. If you are contacted by our payment provider, Stripe, and requested to verify your account, you should contact Tise Support for further instructions.

  • All profiles used by businesses shall at all times have an active Tise Large Membership.

  • It shall be clear from the profile username or bio that the profile belongs to a business. This is to ensure transparency for our users.

  • Businesses with annual revenues above 5 MNOK shall contact [email protected] before creating a profile on Tise.

  • As Tise users, business profiles must also comply with our general guidelines.

  • Business profiles that breach any of these guidelines can at any time be blocked.

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