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Terms for payments through Tise
Terms for payments through Tise
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Last updated: 22.10.2021

  1. Tise and the integrated payment solutions (known as "Tise Payment", "Safe Payment", "payments through Tise", etc.) serves only as a tool for the buyer and seller to get in contact, agree on a purchase and settle their obligations. The purchase agreement is entered into solely by the buyer and seller at their own risks, and Tise has no responsibility for any potential breach of contract by any of the parties.

  2. You as a seller accept that if the buyer can prove that the item received significantly differs from the description, the amount paid to you shall be refunded to the buyer.

  3. You as a buyer accept that when you mark an item as received or when you approve the item (whichever is relevant and communicated in the service), you also accept the item's condition/shipment and that the transaction with the seller is completed. You cannot submit claims about the item's condition or delivery after it has been marked as received or approved.

  4. When you use shipping for the delivery, you also agree to the following:

    1. Tise has no responsibility if the item is lost or damaged by the postal service before, during or after shipment / delivery. You should always keep proof that you have shipped the item (receipt, images, etc.). We strongly urge you to use a trackable shipping alternative. This also applies before the item is picked up by or delivered to the shipping company.

    2. When using the "Safe Payment" (any other shipment than integrated with Helthjem, Dao and Matkahuolto) shipping solution you must store the receipt, which must at least include the following properties:

      1. The name of the postal office / sending location.

      2. The issuer must be a valid sending location (Postal office, postal office in store, etc.)

      3. The date on the receipt must be the same as when the item was marked as shipped in the Tise app

      4. The receipt must be complete with all pages visible and the information must be clear.

    3. When using the "Safe Payment" shipping solution you are responsible for making sure that you chose an estimated shipping price from the categories within the app which is enough to cover your actual shipping costs. If the actual shipping costs exceeds the estimate, you bear the full risk for this.

  5. Tise may take a service fee on the transaction. The fee will vary based on the item price, but the fee amount will be clearly stated in the bid you receive as a seller and/or buyer. Any fees for using the service are non-refundable.

  6. In case Tise needs to contact you we will use in-app messages and/or email. You are responsible for registering a valid email address with Tise and to reply within 72 hours. In case you don’t comply with this time limit the payment may be released to the other party. You must also follow the routines described in the support articles:

    - When payment with integrated shipping in Sweden is used
    - When payment with integrated shipping in Norway is used
    - When payment with integrated shipping in Finland is used
    - When payment with integrated shipping in Denmark is used
    - When payment with Tise (non integrated shipping) is used

  7. If you have complaints about the transaction, such complaints must be directed directly to Tise via your registered e-mail address or directly in the bid dialog in the app. Complaints that are placed after the stated complaint deadlines will not be processed. By default, the funds will be paid to the seller at this stage, but at our discretion, understanding and knowledge of the situation, we may decide to pay the funds to the buyer if there is strong reason to believe that the seller has not participated in accordance with these terms.

  8. You are responsible for entering your correct personal information in the app.

    1. If you enter or misspell your banking information, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc. Tise is not responsible for funds that are transferred to wrong bank accounts or items being shipped to the wrong address by such reasons, and these funds will be lost.

    2. You are responsible for entering complete information as requested in the app and other communication within one year after the bid / payment was given in the app. The funds will be lost if you don't meet this deadline.

Tise is using Stripe Connect to handle payment services. By using payments through Tise you also accept the Stripe Connected Account Agreement.

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