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How to report purchases made through Tise Payment
How to report purchases made through Tise Payment

If your Tise Payment purchase significantly deviates from the ad's description, here's what you need to know:

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Tise Payment is our integrated shipping and payment solution within the app.

Report issue 📢

If you receive a product that deviates significantly from the ad's description, please report the issue through the app within 24 hours of receiving the package. Your complaint will be directed to our Support team, providing you with more specific steps on how to solve the issue.

Will not be able to meet the 24-hour deadline

If you won't be able to review the item within the deadline, choose "if you won't be able to examine the item within the 24-hour deadline", next step after clicking report issue.

Have you and the seller found a solution?

If so, you can accept the item by tapping the accept button.

Shipping challenges 📦
If there are issues during the shipment (e.g. the package is lost or damaged during transport), we ask the seller to contact the shipping company.

When is a dispute case closed? 📅

  • If you haven't reported the issue through the app within 24 hours of receiving the item.

  • If you haven't responded to emails from our customer service team within the specified timeframe.

  • If you fail to provide the required documentation needed to assist you.

  • If you mark the issue as resolved within the app or inform customer service that the problem has been resolved.

Please note: If Tise Payment was not used for your purchase or sale, you won't be able to create a dispute in the app. In such a situation, we recommend reaching out to your local consumer council.

What constitutes a significant deviation according to Tise guidelines?

Wrong color🌈

  • Exception: If the color appears slightly different due to lighting conditions in the ad's images.

Incorrect size📏

  • Exception: If the item doesn't fit or if the size is larger/smaller than expected.

Wrong fabric/material🧵

  • Exception: If the ad didn't specify the fabric/material, but the item is made of something different than expected.

  • Exception: If the item is primarily made of the material mentioned in the ad but also contains other undisclosed materials.

  • Exception: If it can be interpreted that the material mentioned in the ad merely resembles but is not the actual material the item is made of, e.g., if it's in quotation marks like "silk" or described as silk-like.

Odor or damage (stains, scratches, holes, etc.) 🔎

  • Exception: If the seller informed you about the damage in the description, images, or chat conversation.

  • Exception: If the item smells like a basement/attic, perfume, or fabric softener, we recommend trying to air it out.

  • Exception: If it can be considered normal wear and tear/patina.

Missing parts

  • Exception: If you can easily replace or repair the missing part, e.g., a missing button.

Package missing one or more items 📦

  • Exception: If the missing item wasn't described in the ad you bid on.

Item not permitted to be sold on Tise (e.g., fake/replica/bootleg)

  • Exception: If the seller mentioned uncertainty about authenticity and couldn't provide documentation proving the item is genuine. If you still feel that the seller attempted to mislead you about the authenticity of the item, we encourage you to report it.

Read more about which items are not allowed to be sold on Tise in our guidelines.

How to document a significant discrepancy? 📸

  • Take at least 2 pictures clearly showing the reported discrepancy.

  • If there are issues with electronics, it may be necessary to send a video (e.g., if it involves sound/motion).

  • If you've received an item that isn't genuine, you must document how it deviates from an authentic item.

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