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When you receive a bid on Tise
When you receive a bid on Tise

Yay, someone has placed a bid on one of your ads πŸ₯³ Here is a explanation on how to proceed after receiving a bid in the app

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Step 1: Price

πŸ’° Suggest a new price

If you'd like, feel free to suggest a new price by clicking "suggest bid". If a new price is selected, the buyer will automatically receive a counter offer.

🚫 Rejecting a bid

Would you not like to sell? Reject the bid by pressing "decline". Once you're happy with the price, press "proceed to delivery"

Step 2: Delivery

🚚 Shipping provider

You have the option to change the selected shipping provider. The buyer will then receive a counter offer. Make sure the counter offer stays within the bid limits and packaging dimensions. If you change your mind, just go back to the original provider. If you're happy with the choice, review delivery details and click "accept".

You have 3 days to respond before the bid gets automatically withdrawn.

βœ… You have accepted a bid
After accepting you will receive a code that you clearly write on the package. You then deliver it to your preferred delivery point to ship the package from. In Norway, if you have chosen pick-up, you place the package on the noted pick-up spot.

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Cancelling the trade

If you would like to cancel the trade after accepting it, you are able to do so directly in the app. Choose "cancel trade", and then choose your cancellation reason. The buyer will not be informed about the reason you cancelled the bid, only that it has been cancelled.

🀝 Accepting a bid with "meet"
​When a bid with meet is accepted, the buyer and seller will have to agree upon when and where to meet in the chat. The item is now reserved for the buyer.
You can read more about how to use "meet" here.

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