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How do I change the package size?
How do I change the package size?
Updated over a week ago

In most countries we only offer one package size per today. You can find the maximum dimensions for these packages here: What are the maximum packaging dimensions for shipments?

In Norway we offer two package sizes: small and medium. If the selected package size is too small, we recommend changing the ad to the correct package size to avoid any fees.

You change the package size by clicking "edit ad". If a bid has already been placed or accepted, the bid has to be cancelled before the change can be made. When the size has been updated, if the buyer wishes, a new bid can be placed. If this is accepted, . If this is accepted, you will receive a new code in the app that can be used when the package. delivered to Posten.

We are consistantly developing our services based on our users feedback and wishes, and hopefully we will have offer more shipping options in all countries in the future.

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