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Brands in the clothing and textile industry
Brands in the clothing and textile industry
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Profile on Tise for businesses in the wearables and textile industry

Brands in the wearables and textile industry can have business profiles on Tise by becoming part of Second Chance. Businesses in this industry cannot themselves create and operate profiles on Tise.

What is Second Chance?

Second Chance is a service with the goal of reducing clothing and textile waste, and contributing to a more circular wearables and textile industry.

This service lets your brand sell items that have ended up outside of the normal distribution through a Tise profile. Relevant items might be returns, samples, items with complaints, defects or ruined packaging, or excess items no longer in sale in store.

Profiles part of Second Chance are handled by Tise. We handle everything from distribution to photo, marketing and sales.

How to get a Second Chance profile on Tise?

Send an email to [email protected] to get more information about the concept and our prices.


All brands that wish to be part of Second Chance need to know and comply with the general guidelines for business profiles on Tise.

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