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Frequently asked questions - Instabox
Frequently asked questions - Instabox
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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions ans the answers related to Instabox shipping solution in Norway.📦

If you have questions related to a shipment, this is directed directly to Instabox help center.

  • How do I book a shipping with Instabox? 📬
    When you accept a bid on Tise, you'll receive a link to Instabox in your chat. If you don't see it, exit and re-enter the chat. Click the link for details and to book a compartment, which you have 60 minutes to do. Contact support if you encounter any issues.

  • The Instabox booking has a lot of input fields and choices, what do I do? ✍🏼Instabox's booking form includes various input fields and choices. You'll find instructions on how to package your item and will be asked for package dimensions. No need to alter these dimensions; they come from your Tise ad. You can change the drop-off location if necessary.

  • What happens when I book the compartment?
    Once you book a compartment through Instabox, you'll receive an SMS with a PIN-code. Visit the locker, enter the code, and a compartment will open for you to place your package.

  • The maximum dimensions for an Instabox small package are 50 x 16 x 9 cm - what do I if the compartment I am given is too small to send from? 📦
    Ensure your package fits within the maximum dimensions, especially for "small" packages. Confirm your dimensions in Tise to avoid issues. If there's a size discrepancy, contact Instabox support to reset and book a new compartment, with an additional charge for larger sizes.

  • Do I receive a receipt for delivery, how do I know that its on its way?📲
    IInstabox will keep you updated via SMS. You'll receive notifications for locker placement, pickup, shipment status, and delivery to the recipient's chosen locker location.

  • What happens if I forgot to write the code on the shipment? 🏷
    While it's recommended to write the package code on your shipment, Instabox can still identify your package without it, thanks to the specific compartment assignment.

  • Do I have to enter the recipient's address or personal info anywhere?
    If you're using Tise's payment solution, Instabox automatically receives sender and recipient details. Ensure your phone number is correctly registered to receive important information about sending and delivery.

  • How long is the delivery time for shipments?
    Expect a delivery time of 2-4 working days, though some routes may take up to 5 days.

  • What do I do when I have to cancel the shipment?
    Bids are tied to sending codes and will be automatically canceled if the packages aren't picked up or sent by the shipping supplier within the deadline.⏰

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