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How do I get my payout information approved?
How do I get my payout information approved?
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In order to receive payments from Tise, the payout information in the app settings must be approved by our payment provider. The payout information can be updated directly in the app's settings under "payout information" or updated directly on the web here.

Information that must be filled in to receive a payment is:

- Name
- Date of birth
- Address
- Banking information

Important: The person who is registered under the payout information must be 18 years of age. If you are under 18, a legal guardian will need to fill in this information for you. You can still register your own bank information to receive payments in your personal bank account.

The Terms of Use must also be approved and this is done by pressing the button to the right of "Accept Terms of Use".

Once the payout information has been completed and the terms of use are approved, it is also important to press "Update" in the upper right corner. If the payout information is approved, the status bar at the top will display the following text: "Your user is ready to receive payments".

In some cases, our payment provider will ask for an ID and / or additional document to be sent to quality assure the user account. Should this become relevant, you will be given the opportunity to upload this information directly into the app, and therefore if you are under 18, this information must be uploaded in consultation with a guardian (eg: a parent).

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