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How to shop at Tise in Norway?
How to shop at Tise in Norway?
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We think it should be as easy to shop second hand as it is to shop in online stores. That is why Tise has a flexible and secure payment and shipping solution. With our payment and shipping solutions, buyers and sellers get a smooth and sustainable shopping experience, which means that you are in safe hands.

💳 Buyer makes a bid

  • The buyer makes a bid by using the "bid" button below the ad. Here the buyer enters the amount they want to bid for the product, and chooses the preferred shipping method - Posten or Helthjem.

  • When a bid is placed, the amount will automatically be reserved on the buyer's payment card. When the bid is accepted by the seller, the payment is locked for both parties.

  • A bid has a duration of 7 days. The offer can be withdrawn by the buyer until the seller has accepted the offer. The bid will be automatically canceled if the bid is not accepted within this time.

🤝 Seller accepts bid:

  • When the bid is accepted, the seller receives a code in the chat. The seller packs the product, writes the code clearly on the package and prepares the shipment according to the chosen shipping method - on the doormat for Helthjem, or in the mailbox or the nearest Post in the store for Posten.

  • The package must be registered sent within 7 days from the estimated pick-up date when using Helthjem and 5 days when using Posten. If Posten is chosen as the shipping provider, the shipment is registered as sent in the app when the package has arrived at the terminal, which can take up to 3 days.

  • If the buyer's preferred shipping method is not supported by the seller, the seller is automatically given the opportunity to change the shipping method. The buyer must then accept a new counter-offer from the seller, with updated shipping information.

📦 The package is delivered to the buyer:

  • Depending on the chosen shipping method, it can take up to 3 days for the buyer to be notified that the item has been picked up and on its way to the buyer.

  • The package is then delivered to the buyer. If the package cannot be delivered to the home address of the buyer, it will be delivered to a delivery point nearby.

  • Once a package has been confirmed delivered, the buyer has 24 hours to report any problems in the chat. After this, the item is automatically marked as approved.

💡 How much does it cost to use the payment solution on Tise?

Tise charges a service fee on the transaction specified as buyer protection (from 9,-) and seller protection (from 1,-) which among other things provides:

- Fraud protection.
- 10% cash back in Tise Cash.
- Everything in one place: Bidding, payment, shipping and tracking of your delivery.
- Priority support if something goes wrong.

Click on the relevant articles above to read more about all the benefits and costs associated with the solution.

Frequently asked questions:

It is important to note that you will not use other payment services in addition to payment through Tise, as you as the buyer will then risk paying twice for the item.

Also see our terms of use for our integrated shipping and payment solution before using the service.

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